Jeni DelPozo

Jeni DelPozo

Jeni, a So Cal native, grew up dancing and being active from an early age. She danced competitively and professionally for 18+ years. She majored in fashion and worked in the apparel industry for four years until she realized that she was missing the amazing feeling that dance and being active would make her feel throughout the day. She decided to take a chance and leave the apparel industry to go back to her roots.

Now, slightly obsessed with fitness, Jeni loves training. Strength training, boxing, cycling, yoga, it all makes sense to her because of her deep roots with Pilates. Pilates is the base to all of her routines. No matter what workout she's doing, Pilates is the foundation for her body to take it on. Her upbeat and supportive attitude will make you want to workout with her every day!

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Jeni DelPozo
  • 25-Minute Pilates Ab Workout

    Duration: 25 min
    Equipment: Mat
    Trainer: Jeni DelPozo

    Jeni DelPozo brings you through a fun and effective Pilates Ab routine. This 25-minute workout is designed to strengthen and lengthen every muscle in your core through a variety of mat pilates and reformer-inspired move...